Our Mission

To advise on, coordinate and implement the Government’s economic and fiscal policies and programs including the generation and allocation of financial resources to provide appropriate public services and to contribute to the overall development of Belize.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for all citizens and residents of Belize through the efficient and effective allocation of financial resources and the promotion of sound economic and financial policies and programs.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Maintain appropriate levels of government spending to contain imports and so maintain the stability of the exchange rate peg
  • Contain public sector external debt and debt service payments to sustainable levels
  • Provide infrastructure development to stimulate investment and economic activity and hence growth in GDP
  • Promote social policies to assist the most vulnerable groups in society
  • Promote security of the populace and guard our natural resources
  • Achieve Fiscal sustainability and improved financial management practices
  • Strengthen the framework for financial accountability and oversight
  • Reform and modernize the revenue collection and tax regime
  • Pursue effective money and credit policy